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My wondeful band of misfits

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My life (...sorta. Incoming wall of text)

Were to start, where to start.....well, I' pretty much just your average smartass, semi-antisocial, jackass, snarky but lovable sonuvabitch. (I am actually a lot nicer than this may lead you to believe though).

I draw, play soccer, read, play games, just normal teen stuff really. My family is a tad screwy, but not bad. (The may take getting used to though). My grades are usually pretty decent if not good (Math tends to waver a lot sadly). I've got a dog (best pets ever btw), he's big, furry, smart, fun loving, and tenacious, and gets in the way a lot. (Kinda like me XD).

My friends are a crazy bunch of people, but I still love em all anyways. I pretty much make fiends with whoever I feel like really. If I can stand to be around you, bounce off of you, and form and genuine bond or connection with you and vice versa. Then I can be friends with you, even if you do have problems (A lot of my friends do), no matter what age, or who you are. I do however have certain ground rules that I can and WILL point out whenever I feel like it. (Ex: I reserve the right to call you out on your shit when you deserve it, and you can do the same to me as long as neither of us are unnecessarily dickish about it). And old friend of mine learned that the hard way.

I love playing sports (as long as I don't have to skate or dance, I can't really do either of them well tbh TT_TT ), but most of the time watching em is boring to me. (Soccer and Swimming being two semi-exceptions). I don't mind if you aren't good at em, as long as you do your best and don't half-ass it I'm good. My top 3 favorites are: Soccer, Football, and Swimming.

Like most people I burn a lot of time watching TV and going onto the internet, I usually watch comedy, some sitcomms, anime, cartoons, games and movies. I don't particularly care for music videos. (I either get bored fast, or feel weird).

I pretty much read what I feel like, comedy, action, some mystery, fanfics, romance. Whatever I feel is good really.

I up for playing almost any kind of game (video or not), although I can't say I really like dating sims (I just always just found em pointless or stupid really). But my friend has convinced me how "important" they can be (still doesn't change my mind). And in terms of board games, I'll play almost anything as long as I can have fun.

In terms of Humor, just about anything is game for humor in my opinion, I do however realize that not everything can or is worth joking about in public or general. (Ex: Rape, 9/11, school shootings). So unless I can find just the right way to joke about certain things (It's possible..but just barely) I usually stay off.

I try to work out 3 days a week (mon, wed, fri), since I wanna keep my body in a decent kind of shape. Because personally, being physically slow and or weak unnerves the living crap out of me. But that's just how I feel about myself really, don't take that in a bad light.

I'm a Libra, so you know what that means, if not then look it up jackass T_T (XD just kidding, but you should try to look it up). It's a bit of a burden, but it does have it's perks.

I'd like to describe how I act around people, but that would take a full 7 page essay written by Jesus himself. (Also I'm a christian btw). In terms of Religion, I only carry hostility towards certain middle eastern religions, Catholicism, and Scientology (apparently that one is a joke from what I hear). But I don't mind what your religion or sex is, as long as you don't act like a dick about it.

In terms of sexuality, I'm straight, and I hope I stay that way. (Nothing against being gay or gays, I'd just prefer to stay straight, but if i change then oh well *shrug*).

This is probably the part where I'd say what kind of girls I'm into...but....that would be a little embarrassing to put out in the open tbh. So instead I'll move on to something else.

The whole reason why I became an artist was because I like art. I Have fun with it, and I'm pretty decent at it. And It's hard to fully describe...but...I always have a good feeling about it. Like, I can evolve from it. It was just a small hobby at first, but then I say a certain piece, It was a holiday picture for the sonic franchise,(the one where sonic and shadow are super and are pulling a sleigh with the others in it). I came to DA to spread my art around, and see what art on here Is spread. Things may be Sucktasstic around here, but I don't mind it that much for the time being.

The person I look up to the most as an artist is...well...Eiiricho Oda. The main is a friggin pro manga artist, and writer/ storyteller. I can't even begin to describe how he's so good at what he does. And for a while, I didn't really have a person to look up to on a personal level. But there he was, right under my nose the entire time. (Yes I'm a COLOSSAL One Piece fan, favorite anime of all time hands down. And possibly the only show I could see myself watching If I could literally watch nothing else).

I hope I can learn and grow, and become a much better artist. So, thanks for actually managing to sit through this wall of text that is (honestly, not even a full description) of my life.


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How may i help you ?
Just another random artist on DA, I usually try to stick to my own work. But I do deviate (no pun intended) here and there. I usually try to upload one thing a month, if not more. So if your actually interested in my work then stick around. You might find something you like.



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